Sony Blu Print BDN file format

Semantic definition of fields

text_subtitle_length: This field specifies the number of bytes contained in the Text Subtitle() structure immediately following the last byte of this field.

escape_code: 0x1B shall be used for escape_code.

data_type: This field specifies the type of data that is immediately following to this type field. Valid values of the type are defined in Table

Table – Data_type definition

Data_type Meanings Data_length inline_style_values() or text_string()
0x00 reserved
0x01 Text string start Length of the text string A sequence of character codes, coded according to CharacterCode above.
0x02 Change a font set 1 A font ID value defined in Fonts
0x03 Change a font style 3 A font_style value according to BD-ROM spec

A FontOutlinePaletteId_ref value

A FontOutlineThickness value

0x04 Change a font size 1 A font_size value from 8 to 144
0x05 Change a font color 1 An EntryID value from the palette
other values reserved
0x0A Line break1) 0
0x0B End of inline style2) 0
other values reserved

NOTE 1: Data_type having 0x0A indicates the following text string are drawn in the new line

NOTE 2: Data_type having 0x0B indicates all declared inline styles are reset to the default value of region style. That is, the region_style() which is declared by region_style_id for this subtitle is applied to the text string after this point.

data_length: This field specifies the length of text_string() or length of inline_style_values() in unit of bytes.

char_data_byte: A data byte from the text_string() with corresponding type. See Table

inline_style_data_byte: A data byte from the inline_style_values() with corresponding type. See Table

      1. Effect

Each event can have a number of predefined effects executed on it. These events are referenced by the EffectID. In addition to predefined effects, each event can have unique inline effects defined for it that are not in the global list of effects. Any effects are optional for an Event.

Status: Optional Attributes:

EffectID Valid ID for an effect from the Effects section M
      1. Inline Effect

Same as 6.1

        1. Fade

Same as 6.1.1

        1. Color

Same as 6.1.2

        1. Crop

Same as 6.1.3

        1. Position

Same as 6.1.4