Sony Blu Print BDN file format

Value: Filename

(The BDN reader must set the Current Working directory to the one where the BDN file was located. If no path information is part of the filename then the file should be located in the BDN file directory. If path information is supplied with the filename then the file should be located in that directory)

      1. Text

For creation of Text Subtitle streams the Text Events section should be used. The Text Events specify the following properties

Status: Mandatory Attributes:

RegionStyleID Valid ID defined in the TextRegions M
OffsetMetadata Offset value by pixel. Positive integer means in front of screen. Negative integer means behind the screen. O
ReferenceText Roman character set text representing bitmap subtitle for reference only O

Value: Text Binary representation of Text Subtitle structure – Text Subtitle() Text Binary Format for Text Subtitle

The subtitle is a structure which consists of multiple pair of inline style and text string.

For applying the different font-related style(s) to text string, all Inline style(s) shall be declared at the beginning of text string and the end of Inline style shall be declared at the end of text string. Inline style applies up until the end of Inline style is supplied. Multiple inline styles can be applied to the text string but no text string shall be put between inline styles before the end of inline style.

The syntax of the subtitle structure is as follow:

Syntax No. of bits
Text Subtitle () {
text_subtitle_length 16 uimsbf
while (processed_length < text_subtitle_length {
escape_code 8 bslbf
data_type 8 bslbf
data_length 8 uimsbf
if (data_type == 0x01) {
text_string() {
for (i=0; i<data_length; i++) {
char_data_byte 8 bslbf
else if (data_type >= 0x02 && data_type <= 0x05) {
inline_style_values() {
for (i=0; i<data_length; i++) {
inline_style_data_byte 8 bslbf
else if (data_type == 0x0A) {
/* Line break */
else if (data_type == 0x0B) {
/* End of Inline style */