Sony Blu Print BD Script Reference


Document # BD-90-001-0130 Date Created 03-23-2006
Title BD Script Reference Date Updated 08-03-2007
Current Version 1.4 Category
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Applies to Blu-print Versions 4.1
Version Date History and Changes
1.4 08-03-2007 Updated Macros, Added secondary stream handling to section 8, null and HOLD keywords
1.3 09-15-2006 Added more properties to Section 7
1.2 03-23-2006 Correction BD_PG_TextSub_Language to BD_PGTextSTLanguage
1.1 03-06-2006 Updated (PopupMenuOff, Updated PSR Mappings)
1.0 01-23-2006 Original
  1. Introduction

The syntax and semantics of the BD Scripting is along the lines of popular programming languages like C++ and C#. BD Scripting is CASE SENSITIVE.


BD Scripting will contain value types only. Value types include simple types (e.g., uint and byte). Enumerations and struct types are planned for later versions of the application.

Predefined types

Type Description Example
Byte 8-bit unsigned integral type byte b = 8;
Word 16-bit unsigned integral type word w = 10;
Uint 32-bit unsigned integral type uint val1 = 12;
Bool Boolean type; a bool value is either true or false. bool will reserve a single bit in a register. bool val1 = true; bool val2 = false;

Signed predefined value types such as int and char will be introduced in later versions.


Conversions are done implicitly.

From To
uint bool, byte, word
bool uint, byte, word
byte uint, bool, word
word uint, bool, byte