Sonic Scenarist BD 3D: Additions and Considerations for 3D Authoring

In many ways, authoring a Blu-ray 3D title doesn’t differ a great deal from authoring a 2D Blu-ray title.
There are additional video streams to be incorporated — the Dependent View streams — and differences in
menu design and subtitle preparation. However, these changes are largely inconsequential to the author.

Potential areas that may require extra consideration, are ensuring that user preferences (in terms of 2D
or stereoscopic output) are respected, and also that the correct commands are used according to the
player’s current output mode.

This article explores the revisions and additions in the workflow of Clips, PlayLists, HDMV NaviCommands
and Player System Registers.

1. Importing Video Assets

Starting in 5.5, Scenarist allows for 3D Video using MVC (MulitView Coding) an extension of the AVC
Codec. The particular branch of MVC streams that Scenarist currently accepts comes in the form of two
streams – the Base View and the Dependent View. Here are the steps to import and utilize these MVC
streams into Scenarist 5.5.

1. Drag an MVC file into the DataTree. The Select MVC files dialog will appear. The Base View
field will be filled in. Use the browse button on the lower right to find and point to the Dependent

Select MVC Files

2. Once the Dependent View is found click OK. The files will be parsed and a single MVC file will be
shown in the data tree.

2. Clips and Playlists

The structure of Clips and PlayLists used within Blu-ray 3D authoring follow very similar lines to those
established in 2D authoring:

To encompass the needs of 3D, one existing Clip type has been modified (type 7), and two new types
have been added (types 8 and 9). These changes enable the support for MVC Dependent View streams
to be read from the disc or the BUDA, and also for out-of-mux stereoscopic IG menu streams.

The structure of 3D PlayLists also draws strong parallels with 2D PlayLists. Two new SubPath types have
been defined: one for MVC Dependent View video streams, and one for Stereoscopic IG menu streams.

2.1. MVC Clip and PlayList Creation

As with many things in Scenarist BD, there are several ways to accomplish the same task. Here are two
basic ways to create these new Clips and PlayList types.

2.1.1. Version A

1) Drag the video file from the DataTree to the Clip Folder in the StreamTree.

Notice a new folder with the video name is created. Inside the folder, Scenarist creates two
separate Clips — one for each view.

2) Drag the “Base_<video name>” Clip to the Stream folder. This will create a PlayList with the
video name.


3) Right click on the newly created PlayList and select New > Subpath > [Out of MUX]
MPEG-4 MVC Dependent View Video Presentation Path.

4) Open the PlayList and drag the “Dep_<video name> Clip over the now listed “SubPath#1”

Now the PlayList is ready to be used in authoring as a 3D PlayList. As shown the Dependent
View is technically a SubPath that is displayed at the same time as the Base View.

2.1.2. Version B

In the DataTree, after the MVC is imported, right click and select Generate > PlayList. This
will create the Clips, the PlayList, and correct SubPath in a single motion ready for authoring.

generate playlist