Feature Wizard for Blu-print 6.x

Adding Multi-Angle Video

By changing the Total Angles to a value greater than 1, Video# and Video#Dependent (for 3D) columns will be added to the list representing a video clip for the respective angle.

However, empty Video# and Video#Dependent columns will be skipped; but there can be no gaps in the columns — for example: if there is a total of 3 angles, and angle 3 is filled with the video clips, then angles 1 and 2 must also be filled. On the other hand, if only angle 1 is filled then angles 2 and 3 can be empty. If only the dependent video is added to an angle, then an error will occur when creating the feature.

Note: multiple angles are not allowed in Clip object type.

Batch File Explorer

Enabling the Toggle to Allow Batching Files will start the Batch File Explorer when the dialog opens; this will allow background XUI generation as soon as video files are added to dialog, the file is sent to the Batch File Explorer and XUI will be generated as needed, thus improving speed.

Once a file is added the following will pop up from the Windows Taskbar:

Creating The Feature in Navigation Editor

Once the feature is ready to be created select the «XY Anchor» by clicking with the mouse on the Navigation Editor area (preferably an open area with enough space for the new objects), a square will flash the top left position of where the new items will start being added from the feature:

The x and y coordinates are added to the top item on the list on the «XY Anchor» column. Coordinates can be set on the individual items, once the top item anchor is set. All anchor entries can be cleared by right clicking and selecting from the menu: «Clear All Anchors».

To finally generate the feature, select the Create Feature button. A progress dialog pops up, the batch process can be cancelled anytime, when Cancel is selected the process will stop once the current action completes.

Batch Feature Backup File

For peace of mind, the last layout is saved to FeatureListBak.csv under the project’s Reports directory; if Toggle Auto Template Save is enabled. The backup can be opened via the yellow folder toolbar icon (Load List from CSV File) — the default directory is the project’s Reports directory.

If a mistake is made on the feature, delete the feature related objects; open the backup, make necessary changes and re-create the feature again!

Note: unless the anchor point is changed, new feature items will overlap older items when the items are not deleted on a feature redo — names will be appended a postfix, avoiding name collisions.

Importing CSV Files to Create the Feature

Object lists can be saved into a CSV file by using the Save toolbar icon. CSV files can be edited in Excel saved and re-imported into the Feature Wizard dialog by dragging and dropping the file or using the file open from the toolbar. The links file has an extension .BLK — it needs to be copied with the CSV file, but it is not recommended that this file be edited.

Files can have headers, by labeling each columns with a preceding # sign, e.g. «# Name». Each row on the text CSV file must have a total of 25 fields. Empty fields are accepted with two sets of double quotes; e.g. «». Exported or saved CSV files will always have the header labels inserted in the first row.

Note: when editing files in Excel , CSV file must be closed before importing into Blu-print’s Feature Wizard.

Practice Sample for 3D Multi-story, Multi-Angle Feature

This sample will take you through most of the Feature Wizard’s characteristics. Base and dependent video clips, with 2 minute duration, are required to do this sample exercise. These videos files will be used repeatedly.

Feature Description:

  • Multi-story, with 3 VPCs
  • Max 3 angles
  • Total of 8 PCs with 3D
  • Navigation Editor creation layout of 4 per row

Multi-story Layout

InTime 01:00:00:00 01:02:00:00 01:04:00:00 01:06:00:00 01:08:00:00
VPC1 A, 3 B, 2 D, 3 E, 1 H, 1
VPC2 A, 3 C, 1 D, 3 F, 2 H, 1
VPC3 A, 3 B, 2 D, 3 G, 3 H, 1

Letters represent video clip, numbers represent angles

Follow These Steps:

  1. Create a new test Blu-print project
  2. Open the Feature Wizard dialog, from the main toolbar
  3. Select 3 from the Total Angles drop box
  4. Turn on the 3D toggle in the toolbar
  5. Set Objects Per Row to 4
  6. From the Object Explorer, drag and drop a Playable Content while holding the Alt key down
  7. On the Add Multiple Objects, enter 8 and press OK [this step could be accomplished by drag and dropping the video files directly]
  8. Drag and drop the same videos into Base and Dependent so that:
    1. A, D and G have 3 angles; B and F have 2 angles; C, E and H have 1 angle;
    2. Videos can be added in base/dependent pairs to either the Video# or Video#Dependent column entries, the dialog will auto-assign the files properly after checking their type
    3. at any time the table can be exported to be edited in Excel !!
  9. From the Object Explorer, drag and drop a VPC while holding the Alt key down
  10. On the Add Multiple Objects, enter 3 and press OK
  11. Rename the VPCs to VPC1, VPC2, VPC3; by selecting the respective cell on the table (name can be copy pasted into cell)
  12. Drag and drop items from list into VPC Links; drag over the VPC # entries in the following sequence, multiple select and drag and drop allowed:
    1. VPC 1 : A, B, D, E, H
    2. VPC2 : A, C, D, F, H
    3. VPC3 : A, B, D, G, H
  13. Now set InTime for the PCs, copy and paste value from list below, then click respective InTime cell and paste or enter timecode:
    1. A = 01:00:00:00
    2. B,C = 01:02:00:00
    3. D = 01:04:00:00
    4. E,F,G = 01:06:00:00
    5. H = 01:08:00:00
  14. Finally click the mouse once over the Navigation Editor layout area to select and set a point in for the top left anchor (a square will flash representing the placement of the first item on the list — VPC1), VPC1 «XY Anchor» will be set with the selected coordinates:

By default the first item will be set, if all anchors are empty; thereafter the selected item’s XY Anchor will be set. Right click on the list and select «Clear All Anchors» — removes all set coordinates.

  1. Now select «Create Feature», note — this layout was backed up into FeatureListBak.csv (list can be restored by re-opening the backup file); see next page for results!
  2. Here are the Navigation Editor Results: