Feature Wizard for Blu-print 6.x

Feature Wizard for Blu-print

October 3, 2011


Summary 2

Opening the Dialog 2

Dialog Toolbar Items 2

Adding Objects 3

Linking Objects to Virtual Playable Contents (VPCs) 3

Changing Object Properties 3

Multi-story Feature 4

Adding 3D Video 4

Adding Multi-Angle Video 5

Batch File Explorer 5

Creating The Feature in Navigation Editor 5

Batch Feature Backup File 6

Importing CSV Files to Create the Feature 6

Practice Sample for 3D Multi-story, Multi-Angle Feature 7

CSV File From Practice Sample 10


The Feature Wizard represents the last phase of Blu-print batch automation; together with the Manage Streams dialog, authors will be able to use these dialogs directly or via CSV files to easily create complex features quickly and with little effort.

Opening the Dialog

The Feature Wizard is opened via Blu-print’s main toolbar — folder with a window icon ( ).

Dialog Toolbar Items

Left to Right

  • Toggle Auto Template Save (Saves FeatureListBak.csv to project Reports Directory)
  • Toggle to Allow Batching Files to Generate XUI on Drag and Drop
  • Save List to CSV File
  • Load List from CSV File
  • Delete Item from List
  • Move Selected Item Up [Press A]
  • Move Selected Item Down [Press Z]
  • Total Angles to be Added (Max of 9)
  • Toggle to Enable Addition of 3D Video
  • Objects Per Row when creating the objects in the Navigation Editor (Max of 20)

Adding Objects

There are 3 ways of adding objects:

  • By dragging and dropping Clips, Titles, PCs, or VPCs directly from Blu-print’s Object Explorer
  • By dragging and dropping video files (it will create a PC object with file’s name)
  • By opening or dragging a CSV file

Unique default names are added to the objects in the list on the left; the format is Default* plus a letter, such as «Default*A». This allows correct identification of VPC linked objects until they are renamed. Also, VPC objects are always moved to the top of the list. The list order can be changed using the arrow toolbar buttons or A / Z keys.

To add multiple objects, when dragging from the Object Explorer, press the Alt key and drag. The following dialog will pop up:

Future development will allow dragging and dropping Blu-print XML templates (from file system or from the Template Library).