Blu-print User Manual version 6.1


Check the “GPR Name/Value Pair” checkbox and enter the GPR name by using its index number. For example GPR[66] should be referenced using the number 66. Then enter the value that you want this GPR to be set.



Button Command Targets

The Command Targets Window provides scripting commands to access every object within the project. The window is updated every time a change is made to the objects in the project.

These commands can be dragged from the Command Targets Window to any Playable Content or Button in the project and added to the existing script. It is possible to combine multiple Command Targets into a single script. These additional Command Targets will simply follow the existing script.

Be aware of the difference between the 4 types of command targets (General, Titles, Immediate and Other) (See chapter 3.8 Command Targets). In the following descriptions we will focus on the command targets of type ‘Other’. Some commands when dragged onto objects might result in different code according to the type.

Follwing are the commands that are generated for each Playable Content.



Fig. 5.12.1 – The Jump command

The “Jump” command is used to begin playback of a Playable Content. Playback begins at the beginning of the Playable Content. It is not possible to jump to a specific EntryMark with the “Jump” command.

Jump w/Resume


Fig. 5.12.2 – The Jump w/Resume command

A “Jump w/ Resume” command is very similar to the “Jump” command. The only difference is that resume information is stored.

Jump EntryMark


Fig. 5.12.3 – The Entry Mark command

The “Jump EntryMark” command specifies at which chapter in the Playable Content the playback should begin. It is also possible to use the command “EntryMark” alone or in conjunction with the “CallTitle/CallObject” command to provide resume functianlity.