Blu-print User Manual version 6.1

Integrating BD-J Data

Blu-print provides a mechanism to incorporate BD-J content into the BD-ROM disc. The following steps are necessary to do so.

This process assumes that the BDJO, JAR and supporting files are created outside the system.

First setup the Index Table to define a BD-J title

5 Fig. 5.2 — Defining a BD-J (Interactive) title in the Index Table

In the Index Table change the Object Type of an empty title to BDJO. This will clear the Object Name field in that row (Fig. 5.2). In this row enter the BDJO number of the application that was created outside. Close the Index Table.

Once this title is defined this Title Number will show up in the Command Targets window and can be addresses as a Title Number in BD Script for navigation purposes.

Importing a Font

Fonts may be imported into a project for use in BD-J applications. Any font file imported into Blu-print must be in the “*.otf” format.

In order to import a font, first select it in the File Explorer (Fig. 5.3) and drag it to the “Fonts” folder in the Project Bin (Fig. 5.3a).


Fig. 5.3 — Selecting a font for import

The font will now be listed as an item under “Fonts”.


Fig. 5.3a — New font now in the Project Fonts folder

Finally, if the font is to be used in a BD-J application, it must be made available to BD-J objects. Click on the font to bring up its properties.

Fig. 5.3b — Font Properties

Change “Available for BD-Java” from “False” to “True” (see arrow) in order to make it available. Font importing is now complete.