Blu-print User Manual version 6.1

Final steps

The BDJO is now ready to be generated. In order to generate the BDJO files, check the Pre-process box (Fig. 5.1v). This setting is the only requirement to generate the BDJO files.


Fig. 5.1x — Generating XMLs creates the BDJO files

Blu-print signs the JARs during this phase and will ask for the Root Private Key File. If the certificate was generated using Blu-print, the key file will be in the same folder as the certificate.

Fig. 5.1y – Root Private Key File for JAR signing

All necessary files will be placed in the following directory:

C:\Blu-print Projects\Pj_%PROJECT_NAME%\Dc_%DISC_NAME%\Intermediate_Data

Fig. 5.1z — The BDJO files in their directory

When the disc is fully authored, create the final image by clicking on the “Multiplexer” icon and selecting “Start Mux”. After this phase is completed successfully, choose the “Tools” menu and click on the “Complete logical volume” option for the disc.

5Fig. 5.1aa – Complete logical volume command

This completes the process.