Blu-print User Manual version 6.1

Fig. 5.1 m — TheApplication Management Table Icon Tab

  • Application Icon Locator – Specify the icon’s location
  • The checkboxes below determine the sizes the icon will be displayed at. It is possible for as many sizes as desired to be selected.

The “Application Names” tab allows the user to specify different names for the application in various languages.

Fig. 5.1n — The Application Management Table Application Names Tab

The “Parameters” tab is where any necessary parameters for the application can be defined.

Fig. 5.1o — The Application Management Table Parameters Tab

Once every tab is complete, press “Save” followed by “OK” to continue. The “Number of Applications” field in the Properties window will be updated to reflect the new amount.

Granting Access to Playable Contents

Access to the various Playable Contents in the project must be granted. Click on “Playable Contents Access” in the Properties Window followed by the “…” button to launch the Playable Content Manager. Alternatively, set the “Can Access All Playable Contents” parameter to “True” to grant access to all of the Playable Contents.

NOTE: The format does not allow BD-J applications to play Playable Contents that have an Interactive stream. Please create a Virtual Playable Content and dereference the IG stream if you need to be able to play the same Playable Content in both HDMV and BD-J. Reference only Playable Contents or Virtual Playable Contents without Interactive Streams in the ‘Accessible Playable Contents’ Table.

Fig. 5.1p Launching the Playable Content Manager