Blu-print User Manual version 6.1


‘Clip’ objects directly map to the ‘Clip AV Stream File’ and the ‘Clip Information File’. These objects can be used to place AV content on the disc for use in VPCs or to lie dormant until unlocked by downloaded enhancements. The Object Explorer is used to select the desired type:


Fig. 2.7 Clip Objects as seen in the Object Explorer

Main Path Clip

The Main Path clip represents a collection of in-mux synchronized Video, Audio, Subtitle and Interactive streams. When a Main Path clip is created, a movie object and PlayList are not automatically created. This clip must be used in a VPC to be able to be playable.

Main Path Clip Icon as it appears in Nav Editor


Fig. 2.7.1 How this element appears in the Timeline Editor

Interactive Menu SubPath Clip

The Interactive Menu SubPath clip represents an out-of-mux synchronous or asynchronous Interactive Graphics stream. This subpath clip must be associated with a VPC which already contains a main path to be played by the user. A standalone pop-up menu or an out-of-mux interactive stream can be authored using this object.