Blu-print User Manual version 6.1

User Manual

Version 6.1

Last Updated July 19, 2010

Table of Contents

Blu-print workstation system requirements 9

Introduction 12

What’s New in version 6.1 of blu-print 12

3d specific features 12

other enhancements 12

What’s new in version 6.0 of Blu-print 12

3D Specific Support 12

Other Enhancements 12

what’s new in version 5.0 of blu-print 13

new features 13

Basic Application Components 13

News Flash – Authoring for 3D 14

What’s included in Blu-ray Disc 3D 14

Things to remember when authoring fro Blu-ray 3D 15

Step by step procedure to author a 3D disc 15

Blu-print Object Model 18

Project 18

Disc 18

Index Table 18

Playable Contents 19

Playable Content 20

Title 21

Virtual Playable Content 22

Single Segment Time-based Slideshow 22

Multi Segment Time-based Slideshow 23

Browsable Slideshow 24

Segment 25

Scripts 25

BD Script 25

Floating Script 25

Clip 26

Main Path Clip 26

Interactive Menu SubPath Clip 27

TextSt SubPath Clip 27

Streams 28

Video Stream 28

Syncronous Audio Stream 28

Asyncronous Audio Stream 28

PG Subtitle Stream 28

TextSt Subtitle Stream 29

Interactive Stream 29

Secondary Streams 29

Events 30

Slide 30

Menu Event 30

PG Event 31

TextSt Event (Text Subtitle Event) 31

Interactive Objects 32

Page 32

Layer 33

Button 33

Effects 34

Effect Layer 34

Effect 34

Blu-print GUI Component Description 35

Main Window 36

Application Toolbar 36

Dashboard 37

Project Bin 37

Properties 40

Navigation Editor 41

Object Explorer 42

Command Targets 44

Status 46

Search Results 47

Errors & Warnings 48

Timeline Editor 49

Marker Management Dialog 50

Raster Editor 51

Events Palette 52

How To — Basic Functionality 53

Creating a Project 53

Adding Titles or Playable Contents 59

Adding Streams to Titles 61

Setting the Duration of the Playable Content 63

Adding Files to a Stream 64

Adding Subtitles 66

Adding PG (Bitmap) Subtitles 66

Adding TextST subtitles 67

Removing Subtitles 67

Importing already encoded subtitle streams 67

BDN File Replacement dialog 68

Creating Virtual Titles 72

Setting Up the Index Table 75

Creating a Menu 77

Adding Button Animation 80

Managing Menu Images. 82

Defining Adjacencies and Button Commands 82

Setting Button Adjacencies 83

Setting Unset Adjacencies 84

Intelli-sense simplifies command syntax 88

Metadata editing 94

Multiplexing 97

Working with Ensequence on-Q Create to create BD-J titles 102

How To — Advanced Concepts 103

BDJO (Blu-ray Disc Java Object) Generation 103

Integrating BD-J Data 133

Importing a Font 134

Secondary Streams (Picture in Picture) 135

Partial Multiplexing 149

Menu Effects 151

Color Effect 155

Crop Effect 157

Fade Effect 158

Position Effect 160

Wipe Effect 161

Examples of Common Effects 162

Slideshows 162

Managing Graphic Files For an IG Stream 173

Multi-Angle Content 174

Advanced Scripting 181

Auto Action Buttons 181

Parental / Region Code Warning 190

Macros 195

Button Command Targets 199

Jump 199

Jump w/Resume 200

Jump EntryMark 200

Segment 201

Set 201

Elementary Stream Operations 202

Append 202

Trim 204

Physical and Logical File System Layout 206


Email Support 209

Phone Support 210

Online Support 210

Registration 210

Annex A 210

Graphic File List tool: 211

Binding Unit Manisfest File, Binding Unit Signature File (BUMF, BUSF) Generation 218

The Batch File Explorer 223

Basic Modules 223

Toolbars 225

Settings Dialog 227

Settings Dialog (Continued) 228

XUI Generation 229

Queuing LPCM Files 231

Other Operations 233

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Blu-print workstation system requirements

Sony Blu-print version 6.0 system requirement:

Blu-print is a desktop application that requires significant storage IO performance and CPU speed. A fast workstation class PC with RAID storage system is recommended. Below are the minimum and recommended configurations for running Blu-print.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6550 2.3GHz (Intel Xeon Quad Core W3580 or higher recommended)
  • 2GB of RAM (8GB of RAM recommended)
  • 300GB HDD (Multiple 500GB HDDs with RAID configuration preferred for faster multiplexing, image creation and verification)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • nVidia Quadro NVS or better display cards
  • Full HD 1920×1080 widescreen monitor (2 recommended)
  • Windows Vista Business 64-bit Operating System (Windows XP Profession 32-bit still supported)
  • Additional software prerequisites listed below
Software prerequisites

Blu-print requires a set of supporting software to be installed prior to running the Blu-print application. These pre-requisites are included, and can also be downloaded directly from software vendor’s websites. Below is the list of pre-requisite software.

Application Installation Instruction Remarks
.NET Framework v1.1 with SP1 Make sure to install Service Pack 1
.NET Framework v2.0 Required for Batch File Explorer
J# .NET Redistributable with Hot fix

See Install Guide

Make sure to install the Hot Fix after package installation
Microsoft MSXML 4.0 XML Parser
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Please download and install the OS appropriate version
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Please download and install the OS appropriate version
Safenet Client Security Dongle driver. Do not insert the dongle until the driver has been installed.
Blu-print Application Install Guide Main Authoring Application


USB Hardware Application Security Key

Certain software modules installed as part of the prerequisites are those required to activate and monitor the hardware protection key (“dongle”) issued to each Blu-print system.


GUARD THIS “DONGLE” CAREFULLY! – Your Blu-print system will NOT run without the dongle installed onto a USB port of the host system, and it must remain there during the entire Blu-print authoring session. It may be removed once you are finished authoring, but do not remove it WHILE authoring. And, of course, don’t lose it!

If for whatever reason you DO lose or misplace the dongle,
please contact Blu-print Support immediately.