Blu Print User Manual Addendum for Features Introduced or Improved in v.6.4

Search Settings

Select the search criteria via the Search Settings ( ) from the Search Results toolbar:

Adding Search Tags to Objects

Tags are user defined keywords used to organize and to easily find objects in a Blu-print project. Use the Tag Editor to add and edit Tags, and then use the Tag list to change the each object’s Tag, so they can be found in the search.

Tag Editor

Select Tag Editor from Edit under the main application’s menu. The Tags are saved under file

BLU-PRINT_TAGS.xml at the application level. This file can be shared between authoring engineers, to adopt organizational procedures.

Adding Tags to Objects

By selecting one or more similar objects in the Navigation Editor, the Tag property can be edited. The user can select the dropdown Tag list (same as list in the Tag Editor), or type one or more keywords.