Blu Print User Manual Addendum for Features Introduced or Improved in v.6.4

Search and Productivity Features (improved)

The Search has been updated to allow the user to quickly find Blu-print objects by Name or Tag. The Search Results allow the user to edit the found objects. The Navigation Editor can select the found objects, allowing manipulation and editing of multiple objects at once.

Search in the toolbar


Search was added to the toolbar. User can enter one or more keyword strings (separated by comma, period, colon or semi-colon — «,.:;»); then press Enter or the Search Icon. Any left or right trailing spaces will be trimmed; spaces between words will be kept.

Search Results

The search list will be displayed in the Search Results window. The Result column displays the value where the search keyword was found (where N=Name, T=Tag).

The list will allow the user to quickly access and edit the listed objects.

Handling Objects

To Edit: double-click on the object or select Display Object from the tool bar ( ) or context menu — the object will be displayed in the Timeline Editor (if applicable), selected in the Project Bin and displayed in the Properties window.

To Copy: select Copy from the toolbar ( ) or context menu and paste in the Navigation Editor

To Show Properties: select

To Clear the List: select

To open Search Settings: select

To Save Results to file: select the Disk icon from the toolbar ( ).