Blu Print User Manual Addendum for Features Introduced or Improved in v.6.4

Background XUI File Generation

Background XUI file generation has also been added in addition to the Batch File Explorer. Just simply drag any video or audio ES files, or the directories containing these files, onto the XUI button in the main menu icon strip to schedule the automatic generation of XUI files.

Background Check for Broken Link

If the automatic checking for broken link is not enabled through user preference, it can be manually triggered in the Project Bin.

The Rerun Failed Stream & Clip Processes resets any failed background MUX or MUI generation tasks so they will be run again.

Run TS Process for a Specific Clip

Right click on the Playable Content or Clip in the Navigation Editor, and select “MUX Now” to schedule this clip to the background MUX queue.

Automatic Project Backup

To prevent any complete loss of a project due to hardware failure, software crash, or any other unforeseen circumstances where the project database becomes corrupted, an automatic project backup has been added to save the project as an XML Template file at pre-set intervals.

The project XML Template file is a light weight text file describing all the details of a project, without any graphics elements or binary data embedded. It can be used to re-create a project automatically from scratch using Blu-print. The file is saved to the “Autobackup” directory in the project directory. The file name is ProjectTemplateBackup (timestamp).xml.

The backup schedule can be modified in the User Preferences, as well as the number of previous backups saved. New backup is only saved if the project has been modified, and the CPU is idle.

Auto Saving of Status and MUX Logs

To facilitate trouble shooting when authoring error happens, Blu-print 6.4 now automatically saves the Errors and Warnings logs and the MUX logs for the previous ten sessions.

The log files are saved in the Reports directory inside the project folder. The logs can also be opened through Blu-print by right clicking on the log area and choose the log files to open. See screen captures below.

Show Errors and Warning for an Individual Object

The Errors and Warnings window has been updated to allow the user to display specific Blu-print object information, with shorter and formatted messages. The status of the errors and warnings for each object was exposed in the Project Bin and Events Palette via icons. The user now can request on demand the list of errors and warnings for the object and its children (e.g. PC and its clips and streams). As added information, the tree structure is collapsed if no errors and warning is found (similar to Expand All Folders with Scripts in Error in the Script Editor).

To show errors and warnings, simply right click on the object, and select “Show Errors and Warnings” from the objects in Project Bin, Navigation Editor, the Events Palette. In addition, the icon in Project Bin and Events Palette can also be used to invoke “Show Errors and Warnings.”

When invoking the Show Errors and Warnings command, the select object’s errors and warnings are recompiled — the Errors and Warnings window will be made visible, and the items will be displayed. For the Project Bin and the Events Palette the lists on the trees (parent, then children) will be expanded then collapsed if no errors/warnings/notes are found — visually aiding the user to find incomplete items.

There are three categories: errors (red box ), warnings (yellow box ) and notes (blue box ). If the object has 2 or more categories of errors, the most severe will take priority in the box color displayed.

The Project Bin and Events Palette trees might be displaying older warnings — to get latest invoke the Show Errors and Warnings command or press the refresh icon ( ) in the Errors and Warnings window to re-compile and update the trees.

Clip Calculator (for use with Verifier reports)

Blu-print 6.4 includes a new Clip Calculator to help locate problems areas reported by the BD Verifier. By selecting the clip in question and typing in the SPN (Source Packet Number) reported by the BD Verifier, Blu-print will return its PTS and corresponding time code, making it easier to locate the problem.

The Clip Calculator can be launched from the Tools menu.