Blu Print User Manual Addendum for Features Introduced or Improved in v.6.4

User Manual Addendum for Features Introduced or Improved in version 6.4

Table of Contents

Background Processing 3

Turning On Background Process 3

Background XUI File Generation 5

Background Check for Broken Link 5

Run TS Process for a Specific Clip 5

Automatic Project Backup 6

Auto Saving of Status and MUX Logs 6

Show Errors and Warning for an Individual Object 8

Clip Calculator (for use with Verifier reports) 8

Search and Productivity Features (improved) 9

Background Processing

Blu-print 6.4 fully supports modern multi-core CPUs by allowing the user to enable background processing while active authoring is being done. Many tasks that can be safely run in the background without impacting the active objects that are being edited have been moved to the background, leaving the UI free.

Tasks run in the background include auto initiated processes such as MUX pre-processing, TS process, clean up tasks such as file deletion and checking for broken links, as well as some user initiated processes such as BDN Import and XUI generation.

Computer’s responsiveness is maintained through intelligent resource monitoring by the Background Process Scheduler. The Scheduler’s parameters can be fine tuned by the end user to best match the machine’s own performance.

Turning On Background Process

Each project opens with the background process turned off. To turn on the background process, select the play icon on the main toolbar.

Each task is represented by a progress entry in the status window. Each background task has a star in the icon. To see the overall background list, select the «Tasks» toolbar entry on the Status window. A window will open with the background tasks summary. Blu-print can continue to operate with this window staying open. See screen capture below.

The settings of background processing, and its Scheduler settings, can be modified in the User Preferences dialog.