Blu Print Permission Request File Enhancement


Import/Export entries are saved to the Application as soon as “Save” is clicked. When the dialog is closed these values are stored in an XML as these fields are transient in Blu- print and have not been added to the database schema yet.

The above details will be saved in XML files in the intermediate folder until they can be made persistent in the database. New fields (transient and non-serializable) have been added to BDJApplication in the design model to load these values into Blu-print.

[July 19, 2007] Binding Unit Area Credential

To import/export Binding Unit Area Credentials, follow the same steps as given for Persistent File Credential, but set the Credential Type to “Binding Unit” in the UI instead of “Persistent File Credential” for the entries.

Also, the <filename> element would specify a file or files in the Disc directory of the Application directory name.

File Name – ffff00bd/31000000000000000000000000000000/test.m2ts

Where 31000000000000000000000000000000 is the disc dependent directory and the organization ID ffff00bd is different from that of the application.

To access disc directories of the same organization ID as the application’s no binding unit credential is necessary but the following should be set to true in the Permission Request File.

<bd-bindingunitarea value=»true» />