Blu Print Permission Request File Enhancement


The exported information from the Grantor is given to the Grantee who imports it into the Application that needs to have this credential.

Note: This import should be done in the intended application not a dummy one.

To import a Persistent File Credential into the PRF that Blu-print creates for the application, enter the following details (all fields are mandatory):

Grantor Organization ID in Hex.

Expiration Date of the Grantor’s Application Disc Root Certificate.

File Names (may include organization id: eg: ffff00bd/4000/output.txt or just 4000/output.txt) along with access permissions.

Signature as Base64 string.

Certificate Chain File ID as Base64 string.

Full file path of the grantor’s leaf certificate which is identified by Certificate Chain File ID above.

On saving and exiting the dialog and all other parent dialogs, MUX the project. The signed JAR will contain the PRF that includes the imported credentials. Also, the grantor’s leaf certificate is automatically included in the manifest information when signing the JAR.