Blu Print Permission Request File Enhancement


********************************************************************* The steps highlighted in green is a round-about way of getting the certificate details that was proposed earlier. The steps given above should be sufficient now.

  1. Launch Blu-print.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Add or create the Application Certificate. (NOTE: This certificate and the organization id should be held constant for the Grantee for the credentials given by the Grantor to work.)
  4. Set the organization ID.
  5. Create a BDJO.
  6. Open AppCacheInfo and add a dummy JAR.
  7. Open ApplicationManagementTable and create a signed application using the JAR added above.
  8. Set “Create Permission File Request” and click on “Import/Export Persistent File Credential”.
  9. In the dialog, click on “Export” tab.
  10. At the bottom of the dialog, you should see the following:

  1. Check “Export Root Certificate Information” and set the folder path and the file name and click on “Save These”.
  2. Close the dialog. Save, OK and exit Application Management Table editor.
  3. MUX the project (just the preprocess should do).

At the end of JAR signing, the details of the root certificate (named as Grantor information, but this becomes “GRANTEE” information for the other organization) will be saved as the given file name at the given folder.


NOTE: The above can be done in any project and this export can be done from any application, as long as the Organization ID and the Application Certificate are the same as the ones to be used in the intended application.

********************************************************************* So the following information should be given to ffff00bd to create the credential:

Grantee Organization (in Hex) – ffff0001 (just as the one given in the PFC above) Prefixed with the value given in fixedconfig.xml.

Grantee Application (in Hex) – 4002 (this must be the real ID, the PFC above may contain a dummy value.)

Grantee Digest – 5luAy54ZjJ4TrVXcLM7RUcexWTI=

(Grantee’s Root Certificate Digest as Base64 string copied from the PFC above)