Blu Print Binding Unit Manifest File and Signature File generator

Binding Unit Manifest File and Signature File generator

The Blu-print UI allows for the following:

-> Accept input from user and generate BUMF

-> Accept BUMF as input from user or take the one generated and produce its corresponding BUSF

To launch the UI, go to Menu->Tools->Generate BUMF and BUSF.

It provides 3 tabs:

  1. Generate BUMF – creates BUMF according to the specified XSD and the BUSF also if desired.
  2. Generate BUSF – takes in an existing BUMF and generates its corresponding BUSF.
  3. Generate Digest Value – takes in a file and generates its SHA-1 hash in base-64 encoding.

Generate BUMF

Create New – to create a new BUMF from scratch. Load Existing BUMF – to load an existing BUMF.

Clear – clears all fields including the BUMF, if any, being edited. ID – Any Hex value.

Organization ID – Automatically read from Disc property and populated — not editable. 8-digit hex representation with “0x” at the beginning. Prefix for Org ID is read from the fixed config file and appended in the front with the Org ID from Disc properties.

Disc ID — Automatically read from Disc property and populated – not editable.

Even when an existing BUMF with a different Org ID or Disc ID is loaded, the value is reset to match that of the current disc.

Source File (Existing BUMF) – name of the source file, if an existing BUMF is loaded.

Save In Folder/Save As File Name – can be modified so that the resulting BUMF and/or BUSF are saved in a different location/name from that of the source.

Generate BUSF – if checked the BUSF for the corresponding BUMF is also generated.

FirstPlayback, TopMenu

VPFiles that go under index entries FirstPlayback, TopMenu may be added/deleted/edited here.

VPFile entry should follow the pattern:



Indexes may also contain a bunch of Titles, each with their own VPFiles. Add a title and under that add its VPFiles.


VPFilename, BUDAFile – text entries following the pattern: «(([A-Z]|[a-z]|[0-9]|_)+/)*([A-Z]|[az]|[0-9]|_)+»

credentialID – can be chosen from a list added through Credential tab.

digestValue – may be entered (base-64 encoded) or can be computed on the specified file.


VPFile should follow the pattern: «(BDMV/STREAM/\d{5}\.m2ts)»

BUDAFile should follow the pattern: «(([A-Z]|[a-z]|[0-9]|_)+/)*([A-Z]|[az]|[0-9]|_)+»


ID – a hex value of the format: 0xXX, where XX is the hex value padded with 0 in front.

grantorHash – SHA-1 mesasge digest value of grantor’s root certificate. Referenced in Asset element.