Blu Print 6.x Offset Sequence Management Dialog

Assignment Status

Red icons visible in the list usually mean no Offset Sequence assignment. Green icons mean the Offset Sequence exists or is assigned. Yellow icons signify that the Sequence exists but it is not used.

Sample Image Showing Parent Items Selected; Lists are shown in Groups.

Sample Image Showing Checked Streams and Offset Sequence Assignment from Master List.

Text and Interactive Menu Subpath Clips

These objects are unique — they do not have a dependent clip and therefore no master list. The only way to assign an offset is to select the stream directly, and drag and drop an offset in or use the open dialog to assign the offset.

Offset Sequence Map Table Dialog

This dialog shows the VPC or Playable Content Offset index layout in the same order as shown in the Timeline Editor window. Color mapping is used to aid in spotting the differences between the segments for each stream. White with a label of «—» means it is missing the stream for that segment. Green means that there an offset assignment, and the index is shown inside square brackets. Yellow means no offset added to the stream. Red means that the offset index does not match, the format of the offset index of the first segment. This dialog is available in the same menu spots as the Offset Management Dialog; it is only available for PCs and VPCs. The dialog can be left open to be used as a reference, to refresh reopen the dialog.