Blu Print 6.x Offset Sequence Management Dialog

Offset Sequence Management Dialog



The Offset Sequence Management dialog manipulates the Offset Sequences and OFS file references in Blu-print. It handles the master Offset Sequence Lists stored in Parent Objects (Playable Contents and Clips) and Offset Sequences assigned to Child Objects (PG, TST, IG Streams). The dialog can be invoked from Navigation Editor object context menu, Timeline Editor toolbar and Project Bin object context menu.

Layout: tree view on the left lists parent and child objects; list view on the right lists offsets of selected / checked items.


Left to Right:

— Check Streams by Language (reserved for future use)

— Import Offset File

— Export Offset File

— Remove Offset

— Move Offset Sequence Index Up

— Move Offset Sequence Index Down

— Add Offset from Parent List (select offset index from drop down list)

— Transform Offset (reserved for future use)

Adding Sequences

Adding Offset Sequences to the Parent/Master List or the streams is done by selecting one or more items on the left tree view and then drag and dropping OFS files to the list view on the right, or selecting the Import command from the toolbar.

Top and Bottom Aligned streams must exist, before Offset Sequences are referenced by those streams.

Also, while the parent list is shown, the offsets can be added by drag and dropping from the lists over to the stream entries on the left; offsets can only be added to stream entries sharing the same parent when drag and dropping offset on stream from parent list.

Listing Sequences

There are two listing modes: by selecting Playable Contents and Clips, a master listing of Offset Sequences will be displayed; by checking IGs, PGs and TSTs the reference Offset Sequences are listed. Streams can be selected across different PCs and Clips.

Deleting Offset Sequences

Deleting Offset Sequences from the is done from the toolbar, context menu, or the Del key. Deleting from a stream will only remove the reference of the Offset Sequence (the master list will still contain a reference); deleting from a Playable Content or Clip, the reference will be removed permanently from the master list and from all the streams (with the same parent) with the same reference to the Offset.

Changing Offset Sequence Index Order of the Parent List

To Change the master list order (via indices), use the toolbar or context menu to move up or down the list; index is changed accordingly. The master list order matter especially in seamlessly connected objects in VPCs.