BD3D Remux Guide by Doom9

Change the Data Editor window to Senario Editor and change the Solution Explorer to StreamTree.

In the Senario Editor window RIGHT click on FirstPlayBack then LEFT click on Set MovieObject then click OK in the popup window. Do the same for the TopMenu.

Now select the playlist from the StreamTree window and drag it to the FirstPlayback MO. Do the same for the TopMenu MO.

For easy navigation we can add chapters. ClownBD will have demuxed these and and created a chapter.txt file. We use the ChapterGen prog to convert this txt file into a Scenarist CSV file. Just open the TXT file and save it as a Scenarist csv file then close it.

Back in Scenarist

Now select Stream Editor and RIGHT click on the PlayItem 00:00:00:00 — 01:28:30:20 23.976, select IMPORT then CHAPTER IMPORT FILE

Chapters will be imported, you will notice there are warnings in the Results window. You can ignore those.

We now need to trim the audio as it wont mux it as the video running time is shorter as we trimmed it when creating the avi’s. First change the frame rate in the attributes window to 23.976 from 29.97 then

Select the Clip Editor window, you will notice the video is 15 seconds shorter than the audio. Just RIGHT click the audio track, LEFT CLICK Time Info and change it to match the Video length.

ere almost ready to mux 🙂

Click on the CPS tab on the top tool bar, click settings… then tick Unencrypted Settings then OK, and OK again.

Click on the DISC layout editor and change the Volume Label to a title of your choosing then click OK.


Click the MUX icon on the top tool bar, at the mux Configuration window tick Premastering, make sure Target is CMP and Sony CMF is ticked. Then click MUX START. A pop Warning window will tell you you are creating CMF and your project contains unencrypted CPS units. Ignore it and Click CONTINUE. You will get another Warning, its just to let you know the chapter points dont fall on an i frame. You can ignore this.