BD3D Remux Guide by Doom9

Programs Required

Pismo File Mount Audit Package —

AVFS Avisynth Virtual File System —

AVISynth 2.5.8 —

Virtual Dub 1.9.11 —

CLOWNBD v0.79 —

*FFdshow 3882 —

*other ffdshow build may also work

Sonic Scenarist 3D 5.6 minimum —

Sonic Cinevision 3.6 minimum —

ChapterGen —

Virtual clone drive —



*BioMvc — from here —

INSTALL all of the above progs.

*Unzip the biomvc files somewhere with plenty of space.

Were going to be working with uncompressed AVI’s. 2TB will be plenty for all movie lengths.

you will need to modify the biomvc files to match the drive/folder location you choose. In this example were using D:\3d

Create a folder for your uncompressed avis also eg 3d_avis


For this project im using The Lion King 3D

So you’ve ripped your disc to an ISO, you can now mount it using Virtual Clone Drive.

Open clown BD and set the Movie Location to that of your virtual drive and the demux/remux location to D:\3d

once done, click NEXT, a popup will tell you that D:\3d Is Not Empty. Click OK (its only those biomvc files)