BD-ROM Subtitles


SPE BD-ROM Authoring System

Will support both Text and Bitmap based subtitles

    • Supports full feature set of BD-ROM
    • Supports timecode conversions at time of import
  • Input Formats
    • BDN file (XML based Blu-ray Disc NAV file)
    • 8bit indexed or 32bit PNG graphics (TIFF and BMP in the future)
    • TTF/OTF fonts
SPE defined format based on XML
  • Current version is 0.9 (1.0 in Sept 05)
  • Covers both Bitmap and TextSt subtitles
    • Bitmap data is provided separately as PNG files in addition to BDN
    • Text Subtitle data is provided inside the BDN file
    • One file can define both for a subtitle stream
Absolute and relative effects
    • Effects may be defined globally or for each event
Bitmap images
    • Full screen or Cropped
    • Full color 32bit images will be reduced to 8bit indexed by the authoring system
Estimated size of a typical Bitmap subtitle delivery with PNG bitmaps
    • Full screen : 25 megabytes
    • Cropped : 10 megabytes

BDN Schema

Appendix: Constraints