BD-ROM Subtitles

Text-based Subtitles on BD-ROM


  • Timing
    • Frame accurate presentation
    • Two Time-overlapped subtitle events are allowed
    • Spatially overlapped subtitles NOT allowed
  • Look and Feel
    • Single color text, Single color outline, Single color background
    • Multiple Text-flows (L-R, R-L, T-B)
    • Global and Inline styles
    • Size: 8 to 144 pixels
    • Styles: Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic in both standard and outlined modes
    • User-customizable based on pre-defined options
  • Effects
    • Fade
    • Color
  • Font Format
    • OTF – TrueType with some constraints

Outline stroke (anti-aliased)

Outline stroke and shadow (anti-aliased)

Multi-color semi-transparent images

Bold style

Bold – Outline style

Bold style with region background color

Text Subtitle Outline