BD-ROM Subtitles

BD-ROM Subtitles

Blu-ray Disc Advanced Technology

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

BD-ROM Format Capabilities

High-Definition and Standard Definition

– 1920×1080, 1280×720, 720×576, 720×480
  • Advanced subtitling capability
    • 8-bit indexed RGB (256 color) Bitmap subtitles
    • 3 color RGB Text-based subtitles
    • For Text subtitles, user selectable font size and position from an author-defined set
  • Flexible delivery mechanism
    • On-Disc
    • Network Download
  • Simultaneous subtitling and Menu capability
    • Different planes for subtitles and interactivity

Bitmap Subtitles on BD-ROM

PG or Presentation Graphics

    • Frame accurate presentation
    • Two Time-overlapped subtitle events are allowed
    • Spatially overlapped subtitles NOT allowed
    • Image can be larger than raster – Cropped version is shown on screen
    • Constrained by buffer which is 4MB
Look and Feel
    • Outline-stroked with anti-aliasing in 8-bit indexed RGB color
    • Fade
    • Color
    • Position or Scroll
    • Crop