DVDLogic IGEditor 2.x guide

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IGEditor 2.0


Fill background — fill background in Page Designer with specified color. Useful when you want to make more contrast background for separate buttons for better visualization.

Draw button while moving — redraw full button every time when you move button over Page Designer. This can take some time and PC resources and also can make button moving slow. We advice disable this options for better speed.

High quality of drawing — show every pixel for menu buttons in design time for Page Designer panel. May make working in Page Designer slow.

Show safety areas — show or hide special red and greed frames in Page Designer for better buttons location.

Tabs alignment: Workspace — select where «Page Designer» and «Palettes and Objects» tab buttons must be located.

Tab alignment: Code — select where tabs buttons in Source Panel must be located.

Commands help — enable help hint for current command in commands editor.