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BitSet [5] 7 set 7th bit in GPR_5 in to 0.

ShiftLeft Zeros are shifted into low order bit in GPR


ShiftLeft [5] 7 shift left GPR_5 value by 7.

ShiftRight Zeros are shifted into high order bit in GPR


ShiftRight [5] 7 shift right GPR_5

value by 7.

SetStream Set Audio, PG, Text subtitle, Angle and IG streams


SetStream ShowPG_textST:Off Audio:[4075] PG_textST:[4076] SetStream ShowPG_textST:On Audio:[5] PG_textST:[6] IG:[7] Angle:[8]

SetNVTimer Set Navigation Timer


SetNVTimer 1 10 jump to Movie Object with Id 1 after 10 seconds.

SetButtonPage Set Button ID and/or Page ID


SetButtonPage Button:[5] Page(Effect:On):[6]

EnableButton Set Button to normal state

EnableButton [5]

DisableButton Set Button to normal state


DisableButton [5]

SetSecondaryStream Set Secondary Video, Secondary Audio and PiP PG /

Text subtitle streams


SetSecondaryStream ShowVideo:On PlayAudio:On ShowPiP_PG_textST:On VideoSize:0xf Video:1 Audio:2 PiP_PG_textST(Valid:On):3

PopUpMenuOff Turn off pop up menu
StillOn Hold playback
StillOff Restart playback after Hold

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BD Author 1.0

General Purpose Registers (GPRs)

A GPR stores a fixed length variable. The GPR stores the variable as a 32-bit unsigned integer. The BD-ROM Player has 4096 GPRs in total.

GPRs are written in the program as a number value in square brackets. For example: [5] GPR 5.

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