DVDLogic BD Authour manual

BD Author 1.0

Navigation commands writing

In right side of «MovieObjects window» tab is located a panel for navigation command writing. Syntax is highlighted which helps to see errors while typing. Validity checking is processed by clicking «Compile and assign».

Navigation commands will be assigned to selected MovieObject only if they pass the compilation successfully.

Common rules for navigation commands writing:

  • Parameters are set in 3 ways: — using symbols «[» and «]» for general purpose registers, for example [10]
  • using symbols «{» and «}» for system registers, for example {30}
  • constants are set without any symbols, for example 20
  • If command has 2 parameters, then first is destination and second is source parameter
  • All parameters in command are set through space, for example Move [10] 12

Full navigation commands list here …

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