DVDLogic BD Authour manual

  1. Java Object window — this tool allows to add Java files and folders to your BD. BD Author does not create Java files for BD but can attach them to your project and move them later to destination compiled BD. Just click on «Add» button and specify file by file in OpenFile dialog.

  1. BD schema window — this window shows all Blu-ray structure. Including Titles, MovieObjects, PlayLists, PlayItems, SubPath and all connections between these elements. BD schema allows you to construct your disc along with Clips, PlayLists and others windows. Click right mouse button to activate popup menus according to currently selected element on BD schema. You can create Titles, MovieObjects, connects them to PlayLists directly on BD schema window.

  1. Properties window — allows to see properties of any selected elements. Just click on any element from trees or BD schema. You can also change editable fields for Clips, PlayLists and PlayItems here. The Assets window properties represents such important information as Frame Rate, Resolution, Frequency, Bit Rate, Channels number, Duration, File size and more…

  1. Log Window — keeps track of each operation performed by BD Author. It allows you to see the time spent processing and gives useful information describing errors, should they occur. The text from the Log Window can be saved and restored to and from disk. Each line of text in the Log Window includes the time it appeared and an icon showing its information type.

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