DVDLogic BD Authour manual

  1. Clips window — this window allows you to create and edit new Clips. Here you can also attach asset files to Clips or create Clip from asset. There are 6 buttons on Clips window toolbar: «Add new Clip», «Delete selected», «Add Video stream», «Add Audio stream», «Add Subtitles» and «Add Menu».

  1. PlayLists window — this window allows you to create and edit PlayList. PlayList consists from Clips. There are 6 buttons on the window toolbar: «Add PlayList», «Add PlayItem», «Add SubPath», «Add SubPlayItem», «Add TimeMark» and «Delete Item».

  1. Titles window — this window contains a list of all BD Titles and also includes elements such as Top Menu and First Play. User can attach any MovieObject to any title. Toolbar has 3 buttons: «Add Title», «Delete Title» and «Change attached object».

  1. Clip Editor — shows Clip content. It allows you to edit Clip, changing streams, offsets, durations.

  1. MovieObjects Editor — this is a powerful tool for creating MovieObjects and programming for BD. You can write your own code for BD player using navigation commands. Commands editor highlights syntax to simplify writing code. There are 3 buttons on toolbar: «Add MovieObject», «Delete MovieObject» and «Compile and assign commands».