DVDLogic BD Authour manual

BD Author 1.0

3. Create new PlayList

  1. Select PlayLists window and click «Add PlayList» on toolbar or «New PlayList» item from popup menu. You will see empty PlayList element with only «User Operations» inside.

  1. You need to add at least one PlayItem, select PlayList and click «Add PlayItem» from popup menu. You will see Clip selection dialog. As we have only one Clip, we select it from the list.

  1. Now you can see full PlayList. And can continue build our Blu-ray based on that PlayList.

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BD Author 1.0

4. Create Titles and MovieObjects

  1. You can add one or several Titles to your BD. Select «Add Title» in popup menu from Titles window. There are 2 titles by default in any BD: Top Menu and First Play. So our new Title name is «Title 1». Under Title 1 you can see MovieObject element as every Title must be connected to a MovieObject. Now it is Object 0, later you can change it to any another.

  1. In order to create new MovieObject you need switch to MovieObjects window and click on «Add MovieObject» on toolbar or in popup menu.